In addition to the 15 minute at the start of each Dance/PA class we offer a choice of routes to develop young voices.

Group Singing

Each Tuesday and Thursday.

These 45 minute classes are for children wishing to develop their vocal quality and technique with a qualified and experienced tutor. – How to stand, how to breathe, and how to “sell” the song.
But it’s not all technical. They cover contemporary and musical theatre songs – from Adele to Les Mis, Hairspray to Lady Gaga

Voice Coach

These classes are about developing the voice – not just singing (although there’s lots of singing involved). They learn how to fill the auditorium with sound, using techniques from before the days of microphones. How to have the power and skill to thrill the audience.

Just for Fun/ Practice/ Guidance

Saturday morning
We understand that some children just want to “have a go” or to practice a particular piece. So we offer a 20 minute session with our (piano) accompanist, who can play anything we (or you) have the music for.

Singing for Fun

Saturday  9.30
This small group is mainly about singing in harmony and looks at all the current favourites.